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Reflection Areas and Prayer Spaces

At Westleigh Methodist Primary School, we have a clear understanding of the need for collective worship and opportunities for reflection. Therefore, every classroom within school has a reflection area to support the children in taking time for prayer and discussion. Each reflection area is unique to the classroom and the children's needs. We have noticed that our lives are constantly busy and on-the-go, with lots of noise and we rarely stop and pause. Our reflection areas give the children this moment:  we  sometimes overlook the benefits of quietness. When God met Elijah, he did not speak through the strong wind, the earthquake or the fire, but in the gentle breeze (1 Kings 19 1-13). Jesus showed us the importance of retreating from the busyness of the world. In Mark 1:35, we read about Jesus getting up early in the morning and going to find a place where he could pray alone. Perhaps helping our children to meet with God in silence may be one of the most enduring gifts we can give them - it allows us to offer our children the chance to reflect and believe 'With God, all things are possible' (Matthew 19:26). 

Our class reflection areas and reflection books build around each class Christian Value. Please have a look at our class reflection areas below:

Nursery - Love



Reception - Teamwork



Year 1 - Thankfulness

Year 2 - Generosity

Year 3 - Peace

Year 4 - Forgiveness


Year 5 - Equality


Year 6 - Justice

Prayer and reflection is very important to our children and staff within school. We have extra pop up prayer spaces during Holy Week to support our children with meaningful prayer during this time.