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Charity Partner - Edukid

Edukid is a Christian UK registered charity that helps to remove the barriers to education faced by children living in poverty and conflict.

In the territories we support Edukid avoids imposing ‘western ideals’ by partnering with local people and organisations, helping them to develop projects born out of their deeper cultural understanding of what is needed and likely to be effective.

Many of these local partners are themselves living in poverty so Edukid acts responsibly and ethically in the way it financially supports their efforts.

Many former students from our scholarship programmes are now ‘giving back’ by helping Edukid.


Edukid’s vision is of a world free from the effects of war and poverty, where each child has an education and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

What Edukid do
  • They link UK schools/teachers to their counterparts in our projects abroad.
  • They provide primary, secondary and vocational training, university scholarships, and schools packs for children affected by war and poverty.
  • In particular they encompass the following groups:
    • Former abductees (child soldiers)
    • Orphans and child led families
    • Those with disability or illness (HIV/AIDS)
    • Those unable to support themselves or their families as a result of war
  • Their aim is to educate people in the UK about the need and empower them to make a difference.

Edukid was born out of a youth work trip to Cambodia in 2002.

The youth workers realised that parents were going to huge personal risk in order to send their children to school. When they found out how little it costs to enable this, the youth workers returned home and started the charity.

Since then Edukid has realised this is a world issue and a key component to tackling poverty.

A child that receives an education in the developing world will live on average 7 years longer.

Edukid now helps hundreds of children in Asia, Africa, and The Middle East.

A core value of Edukid has been to film the children we work with, and let them tell you the issues as they see them.

We are proud to introduce Tracey and Nelson! Through the charity Edukid, we support Tracey and Nelson so that they can access education in Uganda and have the chance for a brighter future. Each year, it costs £720 to enable Tracey and Nelson to continue with their education and so throughout the year we will be fundraising to reach this total. We are grateful for your support with this and so are Tracey and Nelson.



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