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At Westleigh Methodist Primary School, we recognise our school context and have designed our curriculum with the intent that pupils build the solid foundations required to become successful and aspirational adults who seek opportunities, take responsibilities as moral citizens and gain life experiences that extend their horizons. The children will do this through our vision of With God, all things are possible - Matthew 19:26

We incorporate 3 key drivers throughout our curriculum that reflect our school context and address typical gaps in knowledge and skills that underpin the cultural capital they need to be successful citizens. These 3 key drivers are;

  • Culture which helps pupils to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures both locally and around the world and gain an understanding how they have impacted on their own heritage and that of others.
  • Possibilities which helps pupils to build aspirations and gain an understanding of how they may succeed in what they aspire to achieve by making explicit links in learning to possible future careers.
  • Responsibilities which helps pupils to take leading roles to become good citizens and take responsibility to care for the school, local, national and global environments and understand the part they play in its future.


We aim to provide a coherent, structured, academic curriculum, which is rich in knowledge and skills driven, that will lead to sustained mastery for all with unlimited aspiration. Underpinned by the 3 key drivers.

Please click the link below to see our Curriculum Intent: