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Child Chaplains

An exciting new role has been introduced at Westleigh Methodist Primary School to promote a more spiritual approach to life on the playground. The school have introduced the role of the child Chaplain. To fulfil this role, applicants needed to be trustworthy, helpful, generous, peaceful and kind. Several members of the Ethos Team applied to become Chaplains and four children were successful in their applications. These were Neili and Gabrielle (Y5) and James and Alexis (Y4).

The Chaplains have created a safe environment in the playground reflection area at lunchtime. They welcome any child who may need some support or just a calm and quiet place to relax. They offer a variety of spiritual and wellbeing activities each day such as; guided meditation, stress toys, bubbles, colourings, talking cards, prayer group and cuddles with the Worry Bear.

The Chaplains are thriving with this new responsibility. Honey, Y4, explained, ‘I visited the reflection area last week - it was fun, I liked playing with the fidgets. I could talk about how I felt and the Chaplains helped make me feel better. They were very kind to me.’