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Westleigh Methodist Local Advisory Board

Name Date of Appointment  Terms of Office Who Appointed Date Step Down Responsibility
Xanthe Moragrega 01/09/2019 ex-officio     Headteacher
Shane Pilkington 20/03/2019 4 Years Elected - Parent   Chair, Pupil Premium, Website, Wider Curriculum, Personal Development
Sheila Pilkington 01/02/2022 4 years Staff   Behaviour, Christian Values, Wider Curriculum
Elspeth Brighton 24/03/2021 4 years Appointed - Foundation   English (reading and Writing), EYFS
Fathima Razmila 24/03/2021 4 years Elected - Parent   Health & Safety, Wider Curriculum
Kelly Rigby 01/10/2022 4 years Staff   Assessment Data/Website/Wider Curriculum