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MFL - French

 At Westleigh Methodist Primary School, we introduce children to another language in a way that is both enjoyable and engaging. Our curriculum is song and games based to encourage children’s curiosity and interest in learning French.

The primary focus is the development of speaking and listening skills, as communication with other French speakers is essentially a verbal interaction. The pupils will develop an awareness of the structure of the French language and how it compares to English. By increasing ability and confidence in a foreign language we lay the foundations for the future study of a much sought-after skill. We strengthen their sense of identity through learning about culture in Francophone countries, making comparisons with their own experiences and deepening their understanding of the world. In all our teaching, we develop positive attitudes to speakers of foreign languages through an inclusive approach and a celebration of diversity. 

We use the National Curriculum and to support the teaching of French the 'Twinkl' scheme. This scheme provide a supportive scaffold for our non-specialist teachers and help to develop subject knowledge.

Please find our French Curriculum Overview and Progression of Skills and Knowledge below: